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Okmap is an interesting software that allows you to use your computer's screen with digital maps or online maps that you may have either printed or downloaded from the internet. Okmap is able to export vectorial data from many of the popular formats and DEM (Digital Elevation Data) related to elevation data. Okmap also has a user friendly interface that allows you to quickly enter the necessary data required for processing such as: height, width, latitude, longitude and elevation map. After entering the required data it is then easy to export the resulting data in CSV format.

OkMap was initially developed by a Canadian company which has since taken its name from its original software title, "Ok Map". OKMap offers a large number of interesting features that allow you to view your map while you are offline. For example, if you download an older version of OkMap you will still be able to view your map and make changes to it while you are offline, but the ability to view your map while you are online has been lost.

OkMap supports many different file types and has many features that will allow you to view your map wherever you are. This includes being able to view your map as an image and in the form of multiple layers of the map at once. Many different features are also available such as a virtual tour of your area as well as importing your entire road network into the software. The software is also able to easily create custom maps for your specific needs. The software is a powerful tool in the fight against road mapping errors and if you are looking for a simple yet effective solution to create maps that are accurate you will want to consider using the software.

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